The first page for your project

The first page is the index.htm which is created automaticly when a new project is added.
Every page has a root layout and from this layout the rest of the page is built. In this case a root layout has not yet been choosen.

Let's copy a Root Layout. Click on the button.

This is where you choose your root layout

Design the page with webpage explorer.

The first time you start the webpage explorer with a singel root layout, only the <<keys>> is shown.
The root layout avik04_basic has three <<keys>>. <<head_pagetitle>>, <<head_extra>> and <<body_layouts>>.

Add more to the <<body_layouts>> key.

This example will focus on how to copy the Header information from the In Response project to the NewProjectExample.
We start by copy the structure from the treeview of page 000001 index.htm. There is no singel <<key>> holding all information to copy from, so we need to copy the first layout avik04_row first.
In this avik04_row layout there is one singel key holding the rest of the information we want. This is the <<columns>> key. Let's do it ...

Copy the header info.

Start to copy the avik04_row layout from the In Response treeview.
Then paste to the <<body_layouts>> key in the NewProjExample treeview.

Paste the first layout avik04_row.

After that you can copy the key <<columns>> from In Response treeview.
What happens then is that everything connected to this <<key>>, that is the project layout avik04_headerTxt and all connected to it is copied.

Maybe this film will clearify the copy process.

Add a new page to your project, or delete one.

The first thing you do after adding a new page and choosed root layout is to give it a name. You do that by changing the generated name NewPage.htm to somethingBetter.htm. And click on the save button.