Import CSS to default layout

When slicing a webpage into a webkeytemplate, you might have an old CSS file you pick certain CSS from and connect to a specific layout.
The specific default layout is copied to the default project, and page number 000001

From the main window select the default project, project 000000 and page 000001, then open the Layout and CSS rules window.

Click the Layout and CSS rules button


Click on the wrench button. Webkeytemplate will try to open notepad with a file called .....
If your layoutid is avik02_Content for example. The import file is called CSS_avik02_Content.txt

Webkeytemplates tries to locate the import file in the project template folder.
You find the template folder in the main window, project tab
For example C:\Stefan\html\webkeyfolders\Default_project\templates\CSS_avik02_Content.txt

Paste the CSS, save and close the import file

2. Before starting the import, you need to copy the default layout to the target project and page.

Click on the generate button. And the import starts.

Some limitations when importing

Max Selector length is 48 characters, and 48 char is the length of the column storing selectors.
Max Attribute length is 32 characters, and 32 char is the length of the column storing attribut.
Max Value length is 60 characters, and 60 char is the length of the column storing values.
If they are longer, try to split if possible.

If you run into any problems regarding length error, just delete the target layout. Change your import CSS, and restart your import.