There are templates included when you install the webkeytemplate program. Some are good :-) , other are better, some are responsive and some are non responsive. But it’s templates created on the way, while developing the webkeytemplate program. When searching the web for template we come across HTML5UP, and right now it’s the best free templates what we found so far.

Right now there is just one template created from HTML5UP and it’s the True Type template, but the ambition is to create most of them.
Or maybe you will slice anyone of them into a nice webkeytemplate, and ... upload it .

If you read on the HTML5UP website you will find that they are free to use as long as you follow the copyright licens which demands you to keep the link!! to html5up . If you remove this link you need a subscription.

Once you have bought one subscription (from you are always free to use there layouts without any links.
There are also other templates at pixelarity that are possible to download once you have paid for one subscription.

When this site is released, and it is right now because you read this. We encourage you to upload templates to let others enjoy your wonderful designs,

Share your work thru webkeytemplate.

You can do that....

If you upload a zip file with the exported project to webkeytemplate, and if we find it good enough we will include it in the webkeytemplate program.
The template needs to be responsive to qualify. Webkeytemplate is not obliged to accept all uploads.

If the template do not qualify to be included in the webkeytemplate, we will publish your work on the webkeytemplate website.
As long as the template zip file do not contain any other material than a nice template.

The template could show how the page looks like without layoutid and keys, and one page with layoutid and keys and finally a page with the screenshoot from the webkey explorer would be nice.
Some information about your self, origin, name, company name, anything special about your work.
And add this info also in the description of the project in webkeytemplate!

Please mention what kind of category your template belongs to.

Webkeytemplate will view and publish your work, depending on workload it can take a day or two.